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Starting the New Year, again...

I've decided that January was a flop and I'm officially starting the new year again in February. Anyone else feeling this way?

Anyways, new year, new condo. Here's the situation:

First of all, the entire place is painted grey. I know, GREY. It's been a sore subject between my fiancé and I, as I would love nothing more then to get it all repainted in a beautiful bright crisp white. I have always been obsessed with white walls. But alas, I must live in grey! it just seems too much to repaint a freshly painted condo, ya know?

Here's a photo of the living room and the atrium

the day we moved in! The ceilings!!

I am obsessed with mid century architecture and this condo has it!

We decided on this condo for many reasons, location being a huge factor. South Palm Springs, still walking distance to the ace hotel (where they serve my favorite stumptown coffee, plus it’s dog friendly, and one of our closest friends works there), also the much larger size (1400 sqft), and have you seen those tongue and groove ceilings and that fireplace? Sold.

Although I have many little fun ideas for the space, I am trying to fight the urge to immediately buy and fill the space, and instead trying to slowly find the perfect things that “spark joy”. Marie Kondo style.

It's been a challenge, to say the least! I have a massive Pinterest board filled with the perfect shots of inspo - but this space will take time and curating my personal space will always be a work in progress.

I can’t wait to post more about new items and changes to my new place to share!

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